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Here we are again with Shannah, Nick and Colin. And still in the oven, Riley, Ethan and Caden. Just another month or so before these lil guys make their debut! Then comes the newborn photo-shoot with my first set of triplet’s! Poor Shannah will be outnumbered with 5 boys in the house!

Another year at “The Con,” and what a great time. Here is a refresh of the day and some of the amazing work and dedication it takes to pull off some of these costumes! Cosplaying is bigger than ever this year and here is the proof. 

Now here is a really great family! So nice and appreciative. They invited me to a small ceremony in March to help document their special day and were gracious enough to invite me back for the big family gathering and what an experience it was. Met some really terrific people, and even on what was most likely the hottest day of the year, everyone was so happy for the lucky couple. Thank you again to Melanie, Trevin and Ne’e for letting me be apart of the celebration.